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We help Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Does this sound like you?

Not enough time in the day to get everything done?

Spend evenings reviewing pending job needs and catching up on your business back-end?

Aside from the loss of time with family, do you feel like the time you spend is worth it?

Ready To Free Up Your Time?

Virtual Assistant Services empower you to:

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Your life can be made easier with the help of Virtual Assistant Services, which will handle some of the tasks that are difficult or time-consuming for you to do on your own.

VA’s can help you complete tasks quickly, and at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee to do the same task.


Delegate those important tasks that don’t contribute to your bottom line to a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is like having a personal assistant on hand, who helps you manage your time and organise your tasks more efficiently.

If you or your office staff are experiencing increased stress during peak business hours, bFocused VA can provide additional resources to help ease the load.


You do everything yourself…because that is how you have always done it, and with the software you know.

If you’re not using the right tools, your productivity may be suffering. bFocused VA can help you find the right software tools to help you manage your business tasks more efficiently.


FREE up your time to spend with family or doing something you enjoy!

You can outsource tasks with flexible virtual support that meets your specific needs. Whether it’s a couple of hours every week or month, or as needed, we can help.

How can we help you?

We are a Business to Business (B2B) Virtual Service

With our bFocused VA IT services, you may increase your online visibility and ultimately your profitability. If you also need help with regular administrative duties or one-time initiatives that are frequently put off, we can give you the extra support you require when you need it.

You’ll have more time for the things that are important to you as the company’s owner or CEO, and you’ll also be more agile and strategic in your planning.

Our objective as a B2B provider is to safeguard the interests and success of your business.

Online Business Management (OBM)

bFocused VA OBM services enable business owners to maximise their day and opportunities by providing team organisation, email marketing, launch management, strategic support, and customer relationship management using our many years of professional experience.

Information Technology (IT)

bFocused VA manages and implements IT projects for businesses. We also create WordPress websites and sell domain names and hosting from Australia, and we can assist with sourcing IT solutions, implementing and documenting new business systems, and solving IT problems.

Virtual Business Administration (VA)

bFocused VA can help you with the day-to-day customer service and administrative tasks of your business. You can ask a virtual assistant (VA) to do things like research on the internet, organise your schedule and business bookings, and more. You will be able to run your business with more time and energy.

Business Writing Services

bFocused VA can create, format, proofread, modify standard operating procedures (SOPs), web content, business materials, forms and much more. With a solid background in business writing, we are able to bring the appropriate degree of creative expertise and knowledge to portray the professionalism and style of your company.

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After working in both public and private sectors, I decided to branch out and use my technical, administrative, operational, and business know how to support other business owners in freeing up their time to achieve more.

As a small business owner since 2011, I have freelanced in providing technical and career writing. Extending those services, my new business provides virtual administrative and operational services and support for businesses.